4 Advantages of Fabric Structure Interiors

    4 Advantages of Fabric Structure Interiors
    June 14, 2016 | Tension Fabric Structures

    The best sports and entertainment centers keep consumers coming back to the venue. Discerning consumers want and expect quality experiences. Fabric structures have several natural advantages that create an optimal environment for large and small events, giving you increased referral and repeat business.

    Crisp, Clean Acoustics

    Large industrial buildings, including gymnasiums, convention halls and aquatic centers are often characterized by excessive noise and reverberation, annoying guests and pulling focus from the event at hand. Insulated fabric structures have batten insulation sandwiched between two layers of flexible fabric, absorbing sound and creating high-quality acoustic attenuation throughout the structure.

    Higher sound quality allows building occupants to focus on the task at hand – whether that’s announcements made over the sound system, coaches working with athletes or a band rocking the stage. The acoustics are as crisp and even in the corners of the building as they are in the center.

    Unobstructed Views

    Let your guests catch all the action during concerts and sporting events with a clearspan structure, designed without interior columns or supports blocking the views of ticket holders and fans. The column-free buildings also have more salable space for booths and tables.

    Fabric structures on a rigid steel frame have the strength and design flexibility to be built wider, longer and taller. Whether your design accommodates indoor multi-sport playing fields, six indoor tennis courts, concert capacity of 2,200 or hundreds of trade show booths and banquet tables, every area of the building will have unobstructed sight-lines and floor space.

    Custom designs can accommodate extra areas for storage, press boxes, VIP seating, offices or utility rooms. A mezzanine adds a second level without increasing the building’s square footage. One or more lean-tos create a space that may be closed off or opened up to preserve the useable area inside the building while adding a separate space for operations, retail kiosks or concessions.

    Equipment Out of the Way

    Another way to increase the square footage of a building is to remove obstructions that normally require floor space or floor supports. Equipment like scoreboards, heavy lighting, sound systems, HVAC equipment and more are safely and easily suspended from the rigid steel frame.

    In addition to these systems, aesthetic materials like glazing windows, masonry or brick facades can be added to the interior or exterior to give your sports and entertainment venue an impressive first impression.

    Consistent Year-Round Environment

    Rainy, snowy and windy days are vital to the health of your indoor event center – and athletes won’t return to a sports center that’s leaky, creaky or dark. Concertgoers won’t go to shows in a cold or damp venue. Legacy buildings use the same proven steel frames as traditional wood or steel buildings – without the dark corners and uneven lighting common at older venues. The bright white liner reflects and magnifies lighting, creating an even, glare-free background. Insulation absorbs the sound from outside, and the airtight envelope is dry in any condition. No matter what’s happening outside, it’s a perfect day inside your fabric structure.

    Want to learn more about customizing a sports center or entertainment venue? Request a quote and a fabric structure representative will contact you to discuss your project specifications and needs.