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    Best Fabric Buildings for Equestrian Riding Areas and Facilities

    August 2, 2018 | Equestrian Arenas

    Dedicated equestrians are familiar with fabric buildings – many amateur and professional riding events are held in fabric buildings, often traditional hoop shelters.

    Fabric buildings are a natural fit for riding arenas. The translucency of the fabric provides natural light inside the facility, creating a more pleasant environment for horses and riders than traditional steel buildings. Light comes in through the walls and roof, providing the consistent, even lighting needed for horses to see well. The natural light also eliminates shadowy corners that can spook horses.

    The clearspan design of fabric structures leaves more room for riding and events. Fabric buildings for equestrian applications have the capability to provide an unobstructed riding arena and a gated space for pedestrians, onlookers and even storage.

    Non-conductive fabric, such as Legacy's exclusive ExxoTec™ PVC fabric, helps maintain a consistent interior temperature. This means your arena will be naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter, giving you the opportunity to truly ride year-round.

    Many fabric buildings use a gravity ventilation system to provide cool, fresh air in the building. Gravity vent systems, also called passive ventilation, runs without ongoing maintenance or costs, and does not create vibration or noises that can spook horses in equestrian riding arenas.

    Best Fabric Buildings for Equestrians

    But for serious riders, fabric buildings by Legacy Building Solutions have even more benefits. These are permanent, engineered buildings, designed to withstand extreme weather, soil conditions and the rigors of daily use.

    Your building will be designed to meet code for your intended use – critical if you plan to use your arena to hold public events like rodeos or clinics. Our experienced team of consultants will help ensure you can safely and legally hold events inside the fabric riding arena.

    While you will have the best buildings for equestrian riding arenas, once your building is coded as high occupancy there’s no limit to the public events you can hold inside. The design flexibility makes it a perfect space for concerts, flea markets and church events when you’re not holding equestrian events.

    Fabric Arenas for Professional Equestrians

    That flexibility and professional design make Legacy riding arenas perfect for professional uses. These are permanent buildings that require a permit and foundation. While some fabric building manufacturers make structures that can be easily installed as a weekend project by the building owner, Legacy buildings require professional installation.

    Learn more about Legacy's process. 

    A benefit of Legacy Building Solutions for equine professionals is that the buildings have unlimited design options. Some of the common features for commercial riding arenas include:

    • Attached barns – A barn attached to your riding arena allows you to bring the horses to and from the arena without being exposed to the elements.
    • Pavilion-style buildings. In warmer climates, a roof-only structure will provide shade while allowing maximum airflow – creating a cool, shaded area for year-round riding.
    • Steel wall panels – Many commercial riding arenas have steel sheeting along the walls with a fabric roof. The steel wall panels increase the durability and security of the building while allowing the natural light and ventilation properties of fabric buildings.

    As in all sports, professional equestrians require professional tools. A riding arena by Legacy Building Solutions is the ideal choice for riding professionals, including barrel racers, mounted shooters, racers and trainers.

    Ready to take the next step in your equestrian career? Contact Legacy Building Solutions to learn more about options for your indoor arena.