Factors That Determine Storage Building Needs--Infographic

    February 26, 2019 | Fertilizer Storage Building, Bulk Storage, Sand & Salt Shed

    Get the most from your bulk storage facility by building to the right dimensions.

    How do you determine the measurements needed to store fertilizer, salt or other bulk commodities? Our experienced team can provide guidance. Contact us to get started.

    Bulk storage building design
    Factors that influence bulk storage building design

    In the world of dry bulk storage, Legacy Building Solutions has learned a lot. We have taken what we learned and incorporated these improvements—some large and some small--into all aspects of our tension fabric structures. 

    Rather than list them all, we think these five benefits are top of the list for tension fabric structures:

    1. Speed of Construction—our crews can install a building in weeks, not months.
    2. Loading and Unloading—with no central pillar supports, your crews can use all of the space in the building
    3. Indoor and outdoor structures—fabric structures can be open air or completely closed, depending on your dry bulk storage needs
    4. Corrosion—epoxy-coated solid steel structures can resist corrosion for decades
    5. Versatility—one size doesn’t fit all anymore. Customized buildings are the best solution for your storage needs.