Comfortable Climate Controlled Fabric Buildings

    Climate Controlled Fabric Buildings
    June 20, 2013 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures, Tension Fabric Structures

    Tension fabric buildings are constructed as permanent structures. That means they will stand the test of time and be useable all year long - no matter what the weather providing you with a comfortable climate-controlled interior.

    Fabric structures have several features that help maintain a climate-controlled environment.

    • Any type of fan or heating system can be installed in your building. Our fabric structures have been built to include in-floor, radiant or forced-air heat, as well as air rotation units, power fans and more. Or install a passive ventilation system for airflow without ongoing costs.
    • Your building can have a layer of insulation applied between the outside of the building and a fabric liner. The fabric liner means your building will look great, and the insulation will add a layer of protection from the elements. See an example of an insulated fabric building. 
    • Passive ventilation can be added under the overhang. Because each building is customized to your exact needs, overhangs of any size can be added to your building. Under the overhang is a perfect place to add passive ventilation - you can choose to leave this area completely open, fully enclosed or covered by mesh.
    • The roof ridge is another area to add passive ventilation. There are several ways to add ventilation to the top of your fabric-covered building - including an open continuous vent on all or part of the roof, roof ventilators and more. Venting the roof also allows fumes and odors to escape the building. Combine roof ventilation with soffit ventilation to create a fully functional air exchange at no cost.
    • A tension fabric roof naturally has high solar reflectance (albedo). This means the roof will absorb less heat in the summer, another cost-free way to stay comfortable inside your building.

    No matter the outside conditions, a fabric building is a comfortable climate-controlled inside. Contact us for a turnkey consultation.