Top 3 Reasons Fabric Makes Crop Storage Easier

    May 7, 2019 | Tension Fabric Structures, Bulk Storage

    Agricultural commodities and crops must have safe, efficient storage in order to protect the food chain and bring the best price for farmers and distributors.

    There are a number of crop storage methods, including silos and other vertical options, outdoor piles and flat storage buildings. Flat buildings have grown in popularity because of their design flexibility and increased capacity. Choosing a fabric building makes storage of crops after harvesting even easier and more profitable.

    Maximum Storage Area

    Legacy fabric buildings have unobstructed space. Because there are no interior columns or supports, there is more room for stored product. Legacy buildings are engineered using a rigid steel frame support for widths up to 300 or more feet wide – meaning more useable square footage inside the building.

    The rigid steel frame of a Legacy building also allows important equipment – including overhead conveyors, aeration systems and filling equipment – to be suspended from the building frame and kept off the floor.

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    Of course, this clear area can also be used for other operations, including loading, sorting and retail operations -- giving the building owner greater flexibility to adjust the building use according to business needs.

    Storing Grains and Crops in Agriculture

    Spoiled crops mean lost money and wasted labor. The sad fact is that many crops spoil during storage. The right environment will minimize or prevent spoilage.

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    With Legacy’s patented attachment system, separate fabric panels are attached to the frames and welded together – creating a continuous barrier from the outside, and preventing the air and water leaks that are so common in steel buildings.

    Natural Light Fabric Buildings

    Natural sunlight flows in through the walls and ceiling of a fabric building – an effect steel or wooden structures just can’t match. Legacy’s exclusive ExxoTec™ PVC fabric transmits visible light while blocking UV rays – protecting stored crops from damaging light while providing a bright, airy interior.

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