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    October 16, 2019 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures, ExxoTec

    Our HR director had just come from a job fair, and she was talking about how it was difficult to describe what we, at Legacy Building Solutions, do. We decided to take a shot at it. If you’ve never been in one of our buildings, here’s what our fabric buildings are like.

    First off, we need to acknowledge that we all grew up thinking that buildings are made of wood or bricks or steel (or some combination of those).

    So that’s one hurdle. We will tackle that in a moment. Let’s begin by describing what a fabric building looks and feels like. The first impression you get in our buildings is how open everything feels. The HGTV folks might talk a good game about “open concept”, but they are not in our ballpark. Our buildings are sky-over-Montana open.

    Our buildings are beautiful inside. We don’t say that enough. When you walk into one of our structures, you automatically feel more free, less constrained, more able to think clearly, less pessimistic. The ceilings and walls glow with the light coming Fox Sports Barn clean wallthrough the fabric. For those structures that include a liner, the walls are usually all one piece of our patented ExxoTec fabric, and the clean lines are awesome. You feel like you are outdoors, and yet protected from wind and weather. These open airy spaces are very…comforting. It’s a bit like being in a large conservatory.

    On the outside, our fabric walls look like any other walls: tall and straight and clean. That last point is important. The fabric we use is self-cleaning, so the outside walls of a 10 year-old Legacy building look like they were installed yesterday. No chipping paint, no rust, no dirt, just a very clean wall that happens to be fabric. If some wind blows dirt on our headquarters, the next rain washes it off.

    Did we mention that our world headquarters is in a fabric building? It is. So are all of our manufacturing buildings, from the welding shop to the paint shop.

    Legacy Building Solutions World HeadquartersPermanent yet Mobile

    Back to permanence. When we bolt that first I-beam to the concrete foundation, we intend our buildings to be permanent. They are built to last. Tons of steel and reams of durable fabric go into these structures.

    Even though we stress our structure’s permanence, some folks want to move them after a couple of years. That’s because our structures are rather easy to take apart, load onto a truck, and reassemble somewhere else. Consequently, some of our customers think of our structures as temporary, when actually they are designed to be permanent. But they can also be mobile. Maybe it’s best to describe them as “permanent yet mobile.”

    Mother Nature

    Finally there is always a question of weather. Most people unfamiliar with fabric buildings have a hard time imagining they can stand up to the weather, especially wind and snow. Our headquarters rests on the prairie in the middle of Minnesota. The wind comes out of the Rockies, straight across the Dakotas, and hits us full force. In January, that wind can also carry some very cold, very snowy weather. In fact, we are famous for it.

    Legacy-Chadron-116Our buildings withstand the weather because our designers and engineers factor weather into their equations. It’s that simple. In the hurricane belt of Florida, we tested our designs and received the Florida Product approval status, a stringent requirement that lets Legacy design and install fabric buildings anywhere in the state. We know our materials are equal to what mother nature can throw at them, and we design accordingly.

    That’s a snapshot of what our buildings are all about, at least on an aesthetic level. If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.


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