Harnessing the Sun’s Power: Visible Light In, UV Rays Out

    Visible Light In, UV Rays Out - Fabric Buildings - Rigid Steel Frame
    January 31, 2019 | Tension Fabric Structures, Waste & Recycling Facilities

    The sun’s rays are used to grow plants, and can even serve as a sustainable source of energy. But the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can also cause damage. In addition to the well-documented effects of UV rays on skin, UV rays are known to propagate unwanted plant life, and cause plastic, rubber and other materials to degrade.

    Controlling UV exposure is a concern in many industries, including wastewater treatment. Just like sunscreen protects your skin from UV rays, a fabric building protects equipment, plants, settling pools and other valuable assets.

    How Does UV Light Impact Fabric Buildings?

    ExxoTec™ is Legacy’s exclusive PVC fabric, consisting of a woven inner layer and six layers of protective coating. The outer layers of the fabric reflects and absorbs UV rays – protecting the contents of the building from this harmful invisible light.


    At the same time, ExxoTec™ transmits visible light, allowing it to flood into the building through the walls and ceiling. The fabric has up to 16% translucency, which on a sunny day is enough to safely work inside without any artificial light.

    By blocking UV rays and transmitting visible light, ExxoTec™ PVC fabric gives building owners all the benefits of the sun without the potential damage.

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    Long-Term UV Control Inside a Fabric Building

    UV light is also one of the biggest enemies of fabric buildings. Exposure to UV rays can cause some types of fabric to degrade – compromising their effectiveness, and in some cases causing building failure.

    Independent laboratory testing has shown ExxoTec to outperform the competition in both initial strength and strength after weathering tests. After 13 years of exposure to the elements – including UV rays – the fabric retains 91% of its initial strength – giving you more years of safe building use.

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    When expanding or adding facilities, the initial cost as well as the cost to run are both serious considerations. By eliminating the UV rays inside the building, ExxoTec™ fabric buildings help your equipment run more efficiently, saving money in both the short- and long-term.

    Get started today – contact us to see how a fabric building can protect your assets from UV rays.