How Fabric Buildings Fit into Mine Planning

    May 29, 2019 | Mining Buildings

    Mining is a fast-moving business, requiring speed and efficiency at every step of the process. The better your infrastructure works, the better your staff and equipment work.

    Fabric buildings are well known as energy-efficient solutions for mining construction companies. Legacy’s rigid steel frame technology allows fabric buildings suitable for mining uses including equipment maintenance, bulk and tailing storage, and even camps.

    Heavy Machinery Storage Construction for Mining Companies

    A major benefit of fabric buildings is the freespan interior. This means there are no interior columns – in the case of Legacy’s steel-framed buildings, the interior might be 300 or more feet wide.

    With an open floor plan and customizable building length and height, there is plenty of room to store, maintain and operate heavy equipment – including the large trucks and vehicles commonly used in mining operations. Keeping these assets covered and protected preserves their value and allows them to work more efficiently at a moment’s notice.

    See a mining building used to store a CAT 795F.

    Legacy buildings also have greater flexibility for future operations. The same building used for heavy machinery storage can be used for warehousing bulk material, and storing parts and tools. There’s no limit to the uses of a Legacy building on a mining job site.

    Engineered for Any Environment

    Mining takes place in some of the world’s harshest environments – including high elevations and remote locations.

    No matter the conditions, including wind, snow and seismic loads, Legacy Building Solutions custom engineers each fabric building to withstand the environment as well as daily usage. Our engineering team uses proven software and practices to ensure the building are safe and long-lasting.

    Custom engineering doesn't mean longer lead times. This fracking building was installed in just a few weeks. 

    Custom engineering also means building features such as overhead doors, bridge cranes and insulation are accounted for in the building design. All live and dead loads are included in the building’s design calculations and available for inspection by the building owner.

    Fabric Buildings in Remote or Off-Grid Locations

    The traditional power grid is not available at many mining sites, and fabric buildings are a great option for these locations. Not only is Legacy’s sturdy ExxoTec™ fabric designed for tough daily usage, it allows natural light inside the building – making it possible to work without artificial lighting.

    When climate control is more important than natural light, insulation is available to provide year-round protection from the elements. In an insulated Legacy building, R 30 or more insulation is typically used.  This includes an R 13 thermal break underneath the inner flange of the rigid frame, which provides an extremely efficient insulation system able to meet all climate zones of the energy code.

    In-House Fabric Building Installation

    Legacy Building Solutions is a one-stop-shop for mining building construction. We provide global installation services. Trained crews travel to your location for safe, efficient building installation. In areas where full-service installation isn’t possible, a technical representative will arrive to assist local crews in erecting the building.

    The trained installation crew uses an expedited construction process. Legacy buildings are installed faster than steel buildings, which means occupancy weeks or months faster than other building options. Time is money on the jobsite, and expedited construction reduces lost time and construction costs.

    Legacy buildings are designed around your location and application. With custom engineering along with the natural benefits of fabric, there is no need to compromise. Contact Legacy today to learn more about fabric buildings for mining.