Fabric Buildings Go From Day to Night

    River Cree - Tension Fabric Event Center - Legacy Building Solutions
    June 9, 2014 | Entertainment & Gaming Buildings, Sports & Recreation Buildings

    Photo courtesy of Upstate Shows. 

    Versatile fabric buildings are suitable for a range of industries and purposes. In some instances, the same fabric building may be used for two totally different applications.

    When the Central New York Regional Market Authority (CNYRMA) wanted to expand the capacity of their farmers' market, they chose a fabric building with green steel side wall cladding to blend in with existing structures. Soil conditions at the site dictated a floating slab foundation and made a lightweight fabric structure the most practical choice. The new facility houses 75 farmers' market vendors on weekends year round. Sunlight streams in through the ceiling, creating a well-lit and comfortable environment for vendors and shoppers.

    At night, "The F Shed" is also packed - with bands and fans rocking out! CNYRMA sets up a stage and a light show, and the popular concert venue showcases local and regional bands. The fabric naturally absorbs sound, so fans can enjoy the music without the distraction of crowd noise. Using the natural slope of the building site also mimics a stadium effect - fans at the back of the arena are several feet higher than the band, giving them a clear view of the show.

    The uses of fabric buildings are as different as night and day.

    Structure DETAILS

    • Building size: 80 feet x 273 feet built on floating concrete slab
    • Steel cladding to match historic-site structures
    • Concert capacity of 2,500
    • 3-foot extended overhang with ice breakers
    • Passive ventilation in soffit and peak
    • Built perpendicular to natural 1% site slope – mimics stadium tier effect
    • Design features include:
      • Active circulation and exhaust ventilation
      • 18 foot wide high-lift overhead doors in sidewalls
      • R/U insulated overhead doors in end-walls
      • Wet sprinkler system; suspended heating units
      • LED lighting system; interior offices and bathrooms
    • Owned by Central New York Regional Market Authority; hosts farmers market during the day
    • 50 psf ground/33.5 psf roof snow; 90 mph wind