How to Find a Builder You Can Trust: Why Experience Matters

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    June 6, 2019 | Tension Fabric Structures, Legacy Building Solutions

    When it comes to construction, there are varying quality standards.

    And you can’t afford to compromise. Infrastructure improvements are a significant investment. Partnering with the right builder can mean the difference between a building that adds value to your operation or a structure that performs poorly from day one.

    Choosing high-quality building materials is one way to choose the best builder for your project; carefully vetting a builder is another. An experienced builder will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the finished project you need.

    But how to find a builder you can trust? Here are some clues that a builder is experienced, trustworthy and as dedicated to quality as you are.


    The International Organization for Standardization, commonly known as ISO, has issued a set of standards that govern a company’s management, manufacturing, service and documentation. Manufacturers who reach the standards set by ISO and submit to an annual audit carry a special certification that ensures all processes meet established levels of quality and accountability.

    There are a number of ISO standards. The manufacturing industry typically follows ISO 9001, which helps achieve greater efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. With these processes in place, builders are able to focus on the customer – making that builder a great partner at every step of the process.

    Florida Product Approval

    As a safety measure, the state of Florida has instituted Florida Product Approval. Testing for this approval indicates that the products have been tested and have passed at levels that makes them likely to withstand high winds and flying debris.

    While there is no type of building that is guaranteed to withstand a hurricane, Florida Product Approval is a good indicator that the building will be safe in hurricane conditions.

    Welding Certifications

    Welding standards set by the American Welding Society (AWS) and the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) require all steel welds to be visually inspected by a Certified Welding Inspector.

    The AWS and CWB also require special training for all welding staff to ensure that welds are done correctly the first time. Manufacturers who make this commitment are making a significant investment in safety and quality – which will be evident in the finished building.

    Quality Control Programs

    High-quality companies have defined processes that are documented and easy to replicate on every job. They will be able to define and explain these processes, as well as the rationale behind them and how they contribute to the finished product.


    The best materials and the best manufacturing can easily be undone by poor installation. Be sure that the builders are trained and prepared for building installation. Subcontractor installation may save a few bucks, but the advantage of factory trained installers will be evident from day one and throughout the life of your building.

    Case Studies

    Experienced builders will have examples of successful building projects, in the form of customer testimonials and case studies. Spend some time reviewing the materials provided by your builder. Ask if they have completed projects similar to yours, then pay close attention to both the process and the outcome.

    If possible, tour another building to get an idea of the environment inside your structure. Drone video tours and pictures are another way to get the feel of a finished building and evaluate the builder’s work.

    No matter the size of your project, choosing an experienced builder makes a difference. Use these tips to help find the most qualified partner for your building needs.

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