Independence Day: Get Free of the Constraints of Traditional Buildings

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    July 1, 2021 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures, Bulk Storage, Fabric Building Repair

    On the Fourth of July, we celebrate independence both as a country and as individuals. This year, we are asking you to free yourself from your traditional notions about your building needs. Fabric structures have come a long way, especially the tension fabric structures that Legacy builds. They can help you get free from many of the stresses that come with traditional buildings.

    For instance:

    Freedom from Tensioning

    With fabric cladding, getting the tension correct for wall panels and roof panels is very important. Many fabric structures require retensioning of the exterior fabric cladding a number of times over the life of the building. We use a process—a patented process—of tensioning at installation so your building will not need retensioning.

    That’s good for you, but it’s also good for the longevity of the building. If fabric moves around on the frame, due to incorrect tensioning, the friction on the steel frame causes the fabric to wear out. Then you may need to replace the entire exterior. Our fabric panels stay where we put them and that adds to the overall durability of the structure.

    Freedom from Hiring Your Own Crews

    Because of our patented tensioning process, we typically use our own crews. They are trained in our techniques and they are adept at putting up a structure quickly, efficiently and safely. This saves you from going out and trying to find a crew that can handle the construction. Our crews have years of experience, and customers are often amazed at how quickly their building goes up. That’s the value of having professional crews—they understand the processes and work as a team.

    In fact, Legacy does most of the work of the tension fabric structure in-house. We do the design, the engineering, the fabrication of all the materials and the final installation. That means you have one point of contact, and you won’t waste your time trying to find the right person to call with questions.

    Freedom from Corrosion

    We serve a lot of industries that have very corrosive environments such as salt storage, fertilizer storage, mining concentrate storage and even aquaculture. Since the durability of our buildings is central to our mission, protecting the steel frames from rust is of vital importance. We recently embarked on creating a suite of epoxy coatings (Epoxxishield™) that protect the frames of your building from corrosion. We can also do hot-dipped galvanized steel frames, but our tests have shown that epoxy coated steel provides better protection that HDG. Our Epoxxishield COR Elite is 13 mils thick and designed for the most corrosive environments.

    Freedom to Add the Amenities You Really Want

    With a lot of fabric structures, they have frames that support the structure and that’s it. It can be difficult or impossible to add options such as cranes, conveyors, HVAC systems, fire suppression, catwalks, scoreboards, lighting and sound systems because the frames will not support the extra weight. Our frames can be engineered to support all of the aforementioned options and our customers add them to the designs often. That’s one of the benefits of using solid steel. It gives the building owner opportunities to design a building that really works for them.

    Did we mention that all our buildings are custom designed? We start from scratch with every building, so customers can add these amenities at the beginning of the process. With pre-designed, off-the-shelf buildings, you have to adjust your operations to the existing building, rather than the other way around. To us, your needs come first.

    All of these features give you freedom to imagine a building that will work for you. In the long run, it’s freedom from anxiety about making the wrong decision. Embarking on getting a whole building is a big deal. We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your organization.