Our Core Values

    September 25, 2017 | Tension Fabric Structures

    Our six core values define what you can expect from Legacy Building Solutions. Read on to learn who we are and what it means to our customers.


    We provide the highest degree of quality in every component, solution, service, and endeavor of our company.

    “A lot of the temporary structures in the region are fabric structures, so we mainly looked at those types of buildings. Due to the overall project timeline, the buildings had to be constructed in the dead of winter. We had a great working relationship with Legacy throughout the entire process. They supply a very high-quality fabric structure, and we’re certainly pleased with what we’ve seen from the buildings thus far.”
    - John Lehman, BBE Hydro Constructors


    We listen with intent to value, respect, and understand what our clients, employees, and suppliers have to say.

    It was a good experience working with Legacy. Their in-house installation crew put up the building very quickly. They’re easy to work with and willing to help, and the communication with the city and responsiveness throughout the project was very good.”
    - Joe Balge, Davenport Department of Public Works.


    We are committed to being consistent, true to our word, and accountable to each other, our clients, community, environment, and to our company.

    “ We obviously had contracts, but the overall feel was kind of like the olden days, where you felt you could just take somebody at their word. Everything that Legacy said they were going to do, they did.”
    - Marty Shell, Five Rivers Distribution


    We invest in our employees through professional development and growth opportunities. We will build and nurture relationships that promote positive engagement.

    “Legacy’s crew was extremely professional. They met all our safety requirements and did an excellent job. They even provided an extensive final completion checklist with pictures of each item. That was very impressive, and it really demonstrated the level of workmanship they expected of themselves.”
    - Jerry Pinder, Thalle Construction (Lee County)


    We are individuals working toward a shared goal to prosper as a team and achieve success for the whole. To encourage, collaborate, and celebrate success together.

    “Legacy Building Solutions has given Solar Ship more than just a state-of-the-art hangar and assembly building. Through our close collaboration, their design incorporates a self-reliant photovoltaic power package that sits above the fabric roof, allowing our building operations to be entirely off-grid. In addition, Legacy’s foundation design allowed us to re-use an existing concrete pad, saving us time and money during construction. These innovations were part of our top-level requirements, and delivering on them really sets Legacy apart from the traditional building segment.”
    - Lewis Reford, Solar Ship

    Continuous Improvement

    We relentlessly pursue creative solutions and excellence in all aspects of our business and personal performance. We continue to innovate with forward momentum.

    Our core values define The Legacy Experience and what you can expect during your interactions with Legacy Building Solutions. Contact us to see these principles in action.

    We are committed to upholding our values in every interaction. Contact us to experience the Legacy difference in person.