Pitchin' the Myths in the Fabric Game

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    April 21, 2022 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures, Entertainment & Gaming Buildings, Sports & Recreation Buildings

    We want to go out. We want to run, to dance, to fly. As humans we try to be active, and as people we lean towards interaction and connectedness. Having a place to go to do these things increases the value of that area.

    In navigating through the pandemic, a popular sentiment from the Americans forced, or strongly encouraged, to stay home was that they missed going out and doing things with friends. That social buzz kept growing the longer they had to stay in. With things opening up again, people scramble at what they can do with others. This is an opportunity. The masses are hungry for activity, and Legacy Building Solutions can give you a brand new building tailored to the sign of the times.

    Myths vs. Facts

    If you are unfamiliar with fabric structures, it’s natural to have some preconceived notions. Trust us and our twelve years of experience when we help put your mind at ease!

    Myth:  Fabric structures are just glorified tents.   

    Fact:  The basic idea of the functionality of a fabric structure may have originated with tents, but the kind of buildings we’re talking about are very sturdy and can take a hit. In the summer of 2020, the Midwest was hit by an insane windstorm that caused moderate to severe damage in certain states. This derecho reached straight-line wind speeds of 70 mph and even caused tornadoes. In central Illinois, our Legacy building didn’t sustain any damage.

    Myth:  Fabric is flimsy.

    Fact:  Au contraire, fabric actually has high tensile strength. Legacy took this one step further and clads the rigid steel I-beam frames with our PVC proprietary fabric called ExxoTec™.  ExxoTec™ is tough enough to provide us the ability to have buildings in difficult environments ranging from Florida’s hurricanes all the way to northern Alberta’s frigid temperatures.

    Fabric for You

    Legacy Building Solutions is a construction company that specializes in rigid steel frame fabric structures. We have been going strong for twelve years, and our CEO, Ben Fox, has been in the business of fabric for over two decades. We know a thing or two around here. But rather than spouting off a bunch of stats at the get go, let’s begin with relevant information: why fabric is great for sports and recreation buildings.

    • Bold and Innovative Designs – we make beautiful buildings with clean lines and a polished look. Traditionally, fabric structures were limited to hoop style frames with open web trusses for support. Legacy has the advantage of endless design options thanks to our use of solid steel I-beams and rigid frames. Check out our proudest projects on our website!

    • Sport-Specific Design – our designs will meet all the necessary guidelines for recreational through professional play. You can safely host classes, clinics, tournaments, recognition events and more. There is plenty of space for spectators, pro shops, locker rooms; or, if the desire is to bear COVID-19 social distancing guidelines in mind, we can come up with something dynamic. Read some more about our method of customization and communication.

    • By Proxy Perks – fabric absorbs sound better than steel, therefore the interior acoustics are much improved. This means coaches do not need to yell to their players, and a space can be used as a venue no problem. Additionally, a white interior fabric liner has good reflective properties. This translates to a brighter interior environment with no dark “dead spots” and instead get indirect lighting that helps eliminate glare. An added bonus is its inherent energy efficiency. With light reflecting better across the surface, the number of lights needed is potentially reduced.

    • Rapid Construction – fabric panels are installed faster than steel sheeting, increasing your return on investment. Our services reach worldwide, and if the job requires it, they are bonded and insured. Not only will we put up your building in less time of a traditional build, but the maintenance on your building over the course of its life is decreased due to the nature of fabric. As a material, it is more flexible and forgiving when equipment is getting kicked, spiked, served, and so on into it, thus less tedious repairs.          

    How We Achieve Greatness

    At Legacy, we pride ourselves on remaining with you through the entire process. We manufacture our steel frames onsite, guaranteeing quality from professionals who work with our product every day and know what to look for. We also deploy factory trained crews to the job sites for assembly, so that way you know that people who have put up our fabric structures time and again are putting up your building. The less you need from outside sources equals a more streamlined experience.

    • Consult – our team sits with you to find what you need and translates that into a building. We can begin with specs and we can begin with a dream, but either way, Legacy is there with you from the start.

    • Clarify ­– we establish the project specification everyone is partial to and a timeline.

    • Create – the drafting team will turn your ideas into a Legacy building and the engineering team will problem-solve to find the best solution for any invested members of the project.

    • Complete – the design phase has concluded and it’s time to move forward with manufacturing.

    • Conduct – this is when the site gets evaluated and we plan the pre-construction.

    • Construct – it is time to break ground! We are what is referred to as an “end to end” manufacturer, meaning your project is constructed on-site at our own facility. Then we bring the pieces to the site for assembly.

    Take a look at our site to view our process and get a glimpse at some case studies!

    Advantages of Fabric

    Fabric is a superior building material in many ways. We touched a little on maximizing the light inside a Legacy building due to that clean white interior liner.  

    Something Legacy Building Solutions is very proud about is our fabric, ExxoTec™. It has been strength tested by our CEO driving a ten-thousand-pound skid loader suspended in the air by a fabric sample. No damage was sustained to the fabric, frames, or our patented attachment system; and although the fabric stretched from the weight, it fully re-tensioned itself within twenty-four hours. ExxoTec™ is a PVC fabric made with seven layers to achieve the highest performance; two layers of lacquer, two of primer, two of topcoat, and the base fabric. These coating and finish layers allow for longer service life. It is rated for severe weather including high winds and snow loads. Fabric also has thermally non-conductive properties. Unlike steel or concrete, fabric lessens the transfer of heat or cold, which means your building will feel cooler on hot days and warmer on cold days, even in an uninsulated one. All these inherent perks of fabric help keep things green and environmentally friendly.      


    If the nuts and bolts don’t excite you, the looks will. Our sports and rec buildings are some of our most attractive projects, and we love coming up with creative ways to make your building beautiful. Follow the links to the associated case study that sounds relevant to your needs.

    • River Cree Resort & Casino – as we mentioned before, fabric is great for absorbing sound; in other words, great acoustics! It even has a VIP section on a raised platform for primo views. This is a venue at a casino in Enoch, Alberta (Canada). Look at the details of this project on our site!

    • Fox Creek Multiplex – if these buildings don’t show you how creative we can get, then we don’t know what will. Possibly our most complex project, one building includes a full-scale hockey arena, an aquatic center, and the community administration center. The site also has a field house and fitness center, in addition to mezzanines, second floors, walking tracks, dressing rooms, a restaurant, offices, a daycare center, and finally community meeting rooms. This beautiful complex is located in Fox Creek, Alberta. This is our featured image on our home page, and you can check out the rest of the details there as well!

    • Vulpes Recreation – this one was close to home! In Kimball, Minnesota, we did a project for a private multi-sport facility. These sports structures excel with non-traditional building shapes, like a gambrel-style roof. Also, this building is a great example of maximizing light output with that bright white fabric. Get a look at this sleek building.

    This One’s for All the Marbles

    With us, you will find innovative and sport-specific designs, rapid construction, and long-term low maintenance. Furthermore, the advantages of using fabric make up an extensive list; these impressive perks being: better acoustics and lighting, increased tensile strength, thermally non-conductive properties, and energy efficiency. We trust our process of the “6 C’s” to deliver an exceptional project to you and any stakeholders. And finally, the cherry on top, a beautiful building.  

    We face challenges in our lives, and how we handle these challenges determines the mark we leave behind. Creating something great is what we do, and it is our mission for our Legacy to be yours.