Storage Solutions: Special Orders Don’t Upset Us

    December 2, 2021 | Bulk Storage, Building Design

    We got an unconventional “Request a Quote” earlier this year, so we scheduled a meeting with our Design Team and the potential new client.

    Transcript from Zoom

    Client: Thank you for meeting with me. I need some storage for a special project, and the customized buildings you provide look to be an interesting solution. I’ll share my screen to show you some preliminary drawings.

    Legacy: That’s a big warehouse Mr. Nichols.

    Client: [mumbles under his breath] Nicholas.

    Legacy: What are you storing?

    Client: Toys.

    Legacy: Toys? Like kid’s toys? Are we hearing you right?

    Client: Yes, I manufacture toys, and I have some inventory issues this year. I need more storage.

    Legacy: It looks like there are options here we need to talk about. That looks like a crane in your drawings?

    Client: Yes, can you do cranes?

    Legacy: Our buildings use solid steel I-beams for the frames so we can engineer your warehouse to support a crane system.

    Client: What about a catwalk? I could use a catwalk up high for myself and my workers.

    Legacy: Yes, we can do that too.

    Client: I have a rather elaborate conveyor system. Can you support that too?

    Legacy: Yes, just send us the drawings. It looks like you need a covered parking area outside the warehouse. We should include a covered lean-to to protect your vehicles.

    Client: (laughing) Good suggestion. My team will appreciate that. My real concern is weather. Can your structures stand up to wind and snow?

    Legacy: I think we can accommodate whatever weather you encounter. We have installed buildings in some of the harshest climates in the world. Our recent project in Guam was engineered to stand up to 195 m.p.h. winds.

    Client: Yes, I saw that one.

    Legacy: Wait, what? How did you see that one? It was on a military base. How did you get in?

    Client: Nevermind. What about snow? I get a lot of snow.

    Legacy: We are from Minnesota, so we know a bit about snow. We’ve done buildings in northern Alberta and in the Andes Mountains.

    Client: Good, we can get some significant snowstorms at this facility. I read that you use your own crews for the installation.

    Legacy: Yes, they are trained in our processes so we strongly recommend using our team.

    Client: No worries. Will they sign a non-disclosure agreement before they start?

    Legacy: Um, that’s an unusual request but I don’t see why not. Can we ask why?

    Client: No.

    Legacy: Um, Ok.

    Client: I will also take the responsibility of transporting your crew and your building materials to my site. Any problem with that?

    Legacy: Again, a little unconventional, but we can work with that. We will factor those cost reductions into the contract. Can we ask where exactly this warehouse is going to be located?

    Client: No. Unless you all want to sign a non-disclosure agreement as well?

    Legacy: [looking at each other] I guess not.

    Client: Thank you so much for this meeting. I will get my people to send you more drawings and specs. My accountant, Buddy Hobbs, will contact your CFO about finalizing the contract. We look forward to working with you.


    We can’t, of course, tell you about the results of this meeting or about the warehouse we may, or may not, have completed for this client. Our construction team seemed very happy but they aren’t talking. All we can say is that Legacy wishes you all a very happy and healthy Holiday Season.