Sports Performance Facility Design that Attracts Talent

    December 7, 2018 | Sports & Recreation Buildings

    It’s often said that practice makes perfect. And while it may be a stretch to say practice makes perfect, it’s true that practice makes better.

    But even that only works if practice is consistent. Consistent, daily practice requires an indoor sports facility. Colleges with an enclosed practice facility that is suitable for daily and multi-sport use will see improved results over schools that don’t make that investment.

    Fabric buildings by Legacy Building Solutions have advantages for college gymnasium construction.

    Clearspan Space for Play and Practice

    Legacy Building Solutions combines sturdy fabric cladding with the proven strength of a rigid steel frame. This enables buildings that are wider, longer and taller than other options – an optimized indoor sports complex design plan without interior columns that obstruct the playable space.

    Useable space is one of the most important features of sports performance facility design. Unobstructed area means room to run plays and throw passes, and space for weight rooms, walking tracks and other multi-sport building features.

    Like this case study of a multi-purpose college sports facility.

    The proven engineering methods used in designing Legacy buildings also allows for suspended mezzanines – useful for keeping offices, trainers and press boxes off the playing surface.

    Advantages of Steel-Framed Buildings Over Bubbles

    Unlike clearspan fabric sports domes, steel-framed buildings are permanent and semi-permanent buildings engineered for year-round use. High winds, snow, rain or even hail will not cause the building cladding to ripple or blow.

    Athletes inside the building will stay focused on the task at hand, not worrying about the outside conditions. The building is fully insulated for comfort. The bright white liner provides a clean, polished look and magnifies lighting inside the building to save on ongoing energy costs.

    See the environment in this indoor tennis center. 

    Insulation and the inner fabric liner muffle ambient noise inside the building – keeping the focus inside the building on the sounds of the players and coaches, not squeaks, bounces and grunts.

    The appearance of a lined fabric building mimics the look of pro sports stadiums to impress prospective players and coaches touring the facility – unlike ugly inflatable bubbles. Steel-framed buildings have a traditional gable shape that blends in with other facilities on campus.

    Using coordinating fabric colors or adding stone, brick or other building materials on the outside of the building will help it fit in neatly among other long-standing campus buildings. Alumni and the board of directors will appreciate the opportunity to enhance school branding with the new practice facility.

    This high school sports center features school colors and an exterior logo. 

    Steel-framed buildings are always ready for use. There are no expenses or time lost to inflating an air bubble. The flexibility of a fabric sports center on a rigid steel frame grants the flexibility to hold multiple sports practices inside, as well dances, concerts and other events.

    Advantages of Legacy

    Legacy Building Solutions offers expedited project design and construction. Start now and you could be ready for next season. Even if you’re not ready to make concrete plans, our team provides no-obligation consultations, including a turnkey budget number.

    Contact us today to get more information about your project.