Tension Fabric Structures: Ghost Stories

    Tension fabric structures
    October 25, 2019 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures, Tension Fabric Structures

    This week—in harmony with the season—we are going to visit some of stories we hear about fabric structures that are dubious, suspicious or completely without substance. They are, in fact, ghost stories, apparitions that look sort-of real at first glance but aren’t real at all. Grab your blanket, your bag of marshmallows, your stick and join us around the campfire.

    The One about the Cheap Fabric Building—It was a dark and stormy Capital Expenditures meeting when Gwendolin’s budget got cut. Not just cut, but slashed beyond recognition. It was horrible. A friend told her about fabric structures and that she could get her truck station for the county built for half the cost of a typical building. She did some research, and then toured one of the fabric buildings on her list. She went away from the experience, if possible, even more frightened. There was no way the county would allow such flimsy structure protecting their trucks and drivers.

    The Legacy Building Solutions team heard about Gwendolin’s plight and met with her. They were honest right up front: they were not the least expensive option. But they could deliver a customized building that was exactly what she needed, and it would last for decades. It would be installed quickly by our professional crews, and the county would be proud of it. She toured a Legacy building, and that was all it took. She went back to the county to renegotiate her budget.

    The One about the Weak Fabric Building—Out in the darkness, the storm lurked like it had a mind of its own. The TV meteorologists weren’t wrong this time. This storm was the big one. It threatened to uproot trees, take out powerlines and flatten trailer parks. Sam thought it would be better to stay in the new Legacy Tension Fabric building all night, just in case something happened. The designers said it would hold up, but he couldn’t get over the fact that it was just fabric between the storm and all of the equipment he was responsible for. It was a wild night.

    He fell asleep somewhere in the night. When he awoke, the storm was over, the sun was coming up and his building was unscathed. He knew he had made the right choice.


    The One about the Temporary Fabric Building—No one wants to be ghosted, especially by a building. You work on the budget, the planning, the design and then in a few years it’s gone because it wasn’t built to last. The building you hoped to depend on gets torn down to be replaced by something more permanent. Or maybe not replaced at all, it’s just worn out. It feels a lot like rejection without the actual breakup.

    Our fabric buildings are all about the relationship, and they will stick with you through thick and thin. When you commit to us, we commit to you. And our buildings are designed to be with you for decades.

    The One about the Cold Fabric Building—The cold crept up on Tim, winding along the floor, collecting in pools of frigid air around his feet. It was a quiet, subtle chill. When it was ready, it pounced, and Tim was now well and truly cold. Then he noticed drafts in the building coming from all sides.

    Not in our structures. A Legacy fabric tension building uses our patented ExxoTec fabric for all our walls, creating an air-tight seal that will keep the drafts out and the warmth in. Exxotec fabric has thermally non-conductive properties, so in uninsulated buildings it allows natural light into the building and tends to be warmer in the winter and cooler in summer than traditional uninsulated metal clad  buildings.  

    Finally, our solid steel structures make it easy to install and support HVAC systems to keep the interior of your building perfectly comfortable.


    The One about the Prefab Fabric Building—The pitchforks were out and the villagers were not happy. Karen had spent the best part of a year hiring a company for the new storage facility and then watching it get built. It was an off-the-shelf fabric structure that met her square footage requirements, so what’s not to like? Apparently, everything. The complaints started on the day after the building was finished. It wasn’t big enough, it was too big, it was the wrong color, it can’t handle the new conveyor system, the doors are too small. The list went on and on.

    All Legacy buildings are custom built. We don’t do off-the-shelf. We take your needs, requirements, nice-to-haves, and our expert designers and engineers create a structure that will precisely and specifically meet your needs. If you are going to put all that effort into getting a new building, let’s get you something that will delight you and your people.

    The One about the [Fill In the Blank] Fabric Building—You may have a lot of preconceptions about tension fabric buildings or fabric buildings in general. Let’s talk about that. Contact us soon so we can talk you through Legacy’s unique approach to buying a building.

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