Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Fabric Aviation Hangar

    Why choose a tension fabric for an aviation hangar?
    March 17, 2014 | Aviation

    The combination of light, bright interiors and engineered steel frames often make Legacy's tension fabric buildings the preferred solution for aircraft applications, including hangars, MRO facilities, cargo buildings and manufacturing plants. There are several additional features of fabric structures that are perfect for the aviation industry.

    • Fabric buildings are constructed quickly. 
    • Fabric hangars can be relocated.
    • Fabric buildings require minimal maintenance.
    • Your fabric hangar is NFPA 409 compliant.
    • Every fabric building is customized to meet your needs.

    Fabric hangars can be constructed quickly. Once onsite, Legacy buildings are installed in about one-third the time of steel structures. You'll be using and profiting from your hangar sooner.

    Legacy hangars can be relocated. Airports and airline operations change quickly - which sometimes means moving. Fabric buildings are constructed as permanent structures, but they can be relocated. Lightweight architectural fabric panels can be reused and shipped at a lower cost than conventional systems. 

    Fabric buildings require minimum maintenance. Once our professional crews install your building, only minimal maintenance is required from you. No painting, no replacing shingles, no loose siding. You can concentrate on maintaining your aircraft, not your hangar. 

    Your fabric hangar is NFPA 409 compliant. By nature and definition, fabric structures are classified as Group IV buildings by the National Fire Protection Administration. Group IV buildings with less than 12,000 square feet of fire area do not require a sprinkler – potentially saving thousands of dollars during initial construction and the lifespan of the building.

    Every fabric hangar is customized to meet your needs. Tension fabric hangars can be built to exact length, width and height clearances as required by your aircraft. Legacy has constructed clear span hangars up to 270 feet wide, and exceeding 50,000 square feet in plan area. Our engineered steel frames can support a variety of hangar doors, and ancillary equipment such as fire suppression systems, heating systems, and lighting equipment.  

    Whatever our needs, a fabric hangar can be built for you. Whether you're housing a small plane or something as large as an A380, we can build the hangar of your dreams. Contact us to get started.