What We Hang From our Customers Ceilings

    Collateral loads on rigid steel frame fabric building
    February 28, 2020 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures, Building Design

    One of the benefits we often mention when we are talking about tension fabric structures is the strength of our solid steel frames. That’s important because a lot of our clients like to hang stuff from the ceilings of our structures, and our beams can be engineered to take the load (and then some). What kind of stuff?

    In general, heavy stuff such as conveyor systems and cranes are often included in the design of our buildings. What makes our approach different from other fabric buildings is that our frames can be  designed to handle extra loads. That gives our customers more flexibility in the kind of structure they can have.

    If you are wondering what you might hang from one of the ceilings on our buildings, here’s a partial list of what we have already done:

    HVAC systems

    We work with our customers on all aspects of their buildings, but it’s important to remember that there is no substitute for bringing in HVAC professionals and specialists as part of your project. We design buildings however independent HVAC experts may be required on the project.

    Fox Creek, Alberta

    021A9183-2 Fox Creek December 2019-1



    The building design gives Agriland FS over 19,000 square feet of clearspan storage area, which means space for storing, mixing and loading fertilizer. A transloading conveyor suspended from the frame loads the storage bays from trucks.

    Agriland FS Woodbine, Iowa


    Fire suppression systems

    Legacy abides by all building codes, including fire codes, so fire suppression is common in our structures.

    Kimball Multi-Sports, Minnesota




    In some cases Legacy stalls a catwalk for maintenance of conveyors systems and other loading equipment.

    Scrap Metal Recycling, New Jersey



    Overhead Cranes

    In our paint shop, we have a three-rail crane system that allows us to easily run steel beams from the beginning of the process (blasting) to the end (drying) 

    Legacy paint shop, Minnesota



    Stairway systems

    With catwalks and conveyors, you often need stairs for access and repairs. 

    Smithfield Foods, North Carolina



    Workout Center Mezzanine

    Mezzanines are supported from both the ceilings and the walls, and this gives customers much more clearspan space on the floor, with no supporting columns in the way.

    Vulpes Recreation Center, Minnesota



    Rack type mezzanine

    Here's an industrial example, where we store our fabric rolls on a roof supported mezzanine. Each of these rolls weighs tons. 

    Legacy’s fabric shop, Minnesota



    Big Stage Lighting Tracks

    For our entertainment venue clients, lighting for events is very important. 

    River Cree Resort and Casino, Alberta



    Tennis Divider nets

    For sports facilities, hanging nets are vital as well as scoreboards and sometimes goalposts. 

    Westwood Tennis Center

    Westwood Tennis Center Divider Nets

    These are just a few examples of what we can suspend from our steel beams. Talk to one of our representatives soon and learn what you can do with our customized tension fabric buildings.

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