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Rigid Frame Fabric Buildings: The Best of Both Worlds

By combining the design flexibility and trusted engineering of a rigid steel frame building with the corrosion resistance, natural light and expedited construction of fabric structures, Legacy buildings are ideal for storing bulk corrosive material, including fertilizer.

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Top 4 Advantages of Legacy's Process

Legacy Building Solutions is committed to adding value to all our customers by providing state-of-the-art buildings and a superior construction process.

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How to Build a Warehouse That Won't Damage Your Inventory

Your business relies on the health of your inventory and your assets. Keeping them secured in a dry, safe building will help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

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Construction Industry Outlook: How Fabric is Changing Construction in 2019

Technology is pushing the construction industry outlook forward every day. Structures and features that were impossible just a few years ago are easily achievable now.

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