A Better Arena for Better Riding: Advantages of Legacy Riding Arenas

Giving your horses a daily workout is important for their
health and performance. This daily workout can also be a great opportunity for
you to learn new skills, enjoy time with your horse, or simply relax and let go
of it all.

But riding outside can sometimes be unpleasant. A hot day
with the sun beating down on you, or a rainy, windy or cold day can make even
the most eager horse and rider feel dispirited – or worse, cause injury or

With a sheltered riding arena, you can ride every day in comfort. Without the
distractions of weather, you can focus on learning new skills and enjoying your
time on the horse.

Fabric arenas are well-known among professional and recreational riders because of the superior environment inside the buildings. Fabric is one of only a few building materials that allow natural light to flood in through the ceiling and walls.  

has up to 16% translucency – lowering the electrical lighting
cost in the building, helping horses to see better and providing a more natural
feel. Light coming in from every angle of the building eliminates the dark,
shadowy corners that can spook horses or make them skittish.

Steel sheets magnify the sound from rain, wind or hail outside the building, as well as echoes or squeaks from inside the building. Fabric will dull or muffle many of these sounds, giving horses one less reason to spook and riders one more reason to ride in poor weather.

Riding arenas can be fully enclosed, with walls on all four
sides. Or they may be roof-only pavilions, which provide a roof but no walls.
With the design flexibility of the rigid steel frame, Legacy can customize a
shaded or enclosed professional riding arena.

Fully Enclosed Riding Arenas

A fully enclosed riding arena has a fabric roof with steel
or fabric on the walls on all four sides. These enclosed buildings provide
ultimate protection from all types of weather.

This arena in Winnemucca, Nevada, is used for a variety of fairground and equestrian
events year-round.

Unlike steel sheets, which transmit and magnify the outside
temperature, fabric is climate-responsive.  This means that the fabric cladding will
better maintain a comfortable interior temperature, even without added climate
control systems.

With the design flexibility of a rigid steel frame, enclosed
riding arenas
have multiple options for doors and ventilation
systems. No matter what type of riding you will be doing in the arena, there
will be room for riding, jumping, trailers or even spectators.

Shaded Riding Arenas

In areas with milder weather, a simple shade shelter will
provide the ideal environment for riding. A pavilion building with a roof and
open walls will provide natural light in every corner of the building while
keeping UV rays out.  

A fabric building with open walls will provide shade, while
allowing the breeze to flow into the building. This ventilation and cross
breeze will make it feel many degrees cooler under the arena roof.

Silver Drache Farm uses a shaded riding arena for year-round riding in Florida. See
the case study.

Steel arena roofs are constructed with thousands of tiny
fasteners. Each of these fastener holes, as well as the seam between the steel
sheets, is a potential starting point for drips and corrosion. Every leak
dripping into your arena is damage to your footings and an unpleasant surprise
for riders. Fabric provides a waterproof barrier to protect everyone inside the

Protecting Footings

High-caliber sport horses need to be protected from injury
and strain. Most serious riders use specialized footing on the arena floor to
protect the horses. A covered riding arena will protect the footing, meaning
less time spent on maintenance and a longer lifespan for the footing. 

A sheltered arena will keep rain and other elements off the
footing. The strength of Legacy’s rigid steel frame allows overhangs to extend
out past the footing, adding protection for the sensitive ground cover.  

Legacy’s arenas offer natural sunlight, a superior
environment and design flexibility that is unmatched in the industry. For
public riding arenas, these advantages mean more returning riders, fewer
weather delays and, ultimately, increased profits.

Don’t wait until the weather turns. You can start planning for your riding arena now.

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