How Will We Store the Storage?

    storing renewable energy
    July 21, 2020 | Oil, Gas & Energy Building

    In the world of sustainable energy, storage is a huge deal. The race to create the best batteries and microgrid technology is comparable the space race of the 1960s. Money, innovation and all the sciences are aimed at the goal of developing a storage and distribution system for the exploding renewable energy sector.

    Legacy Building Solutions sees our role in this revolution as the company that will create storage for the storage, i.e. the buildings that will house microgrids and battery warehouses. Our tension fabric structures fit into this evolving, fast growing industry for the following reasons:

    “Legacy’s customized fabric structure design was able to fit our purposes. It was a good experience working with Legacy. Their in-house installation crew put up the building very quickly. They’re easy to work with and willing to help, and the communication with the city and responsiveness throughout the project was very good.”

     - Joe Balge, Davenport Department of Public Works.

    • Fast, cost-effective, strong, customized—Our buildings are designed, manufactured and installed by us, so we can have a building up and running in a fraction of the time it takes traditional brick-and-mortar builders. We use solid steel I-beams to create the structure and cover that in fabric cladding panels. Our buildings stand up to some of the toughest climates and seismic conditions, from northern Alberta to southern Florida to the Andes Mountains. Finally, we don’t do cookie-cutter or prefabricated structures. We customize every building to our customers’ exact specifications.
    • Reliable Installation—Our buildings have proprietary installation protocols, and our teams have the training and experience to deliver. They show up, they work hard, they surprise our customers with how fast they complete a project, and then they move on. Our crews travel around the country and around the world.
    • The Look—Legacy began revolutionizing our industry 10 years ago and one of our goals was to make a beautiful, clean, sharp structure that could fit in anywhere. Total customization of our buildings made that possible, and our proprietary fabric Exxotec™ made that easy. It’s a PVC fabric that is self-cleaning, very bright and polished. That’s important to the sustainable energy industry because many microgrids will likely be located in residential areas. These neighborhoods are not going to welcome industrial-looking steel buildings. Our buildings will fit right into the residential zones because we will design them for it.

    “It’s a neat-looking building. We’re in a residential area, so we try to be aesthetically pleasing. And the upkeep seems easier.”

    -- Burt Rateau, Water Treatment Superintendent at Moon Township.

    • Climate Control—Temperature and humidity are particularly important in sustainable energy storage. Our buildings are insulated, with traditional insulation sandwiched between the exterior fabric cladding and the interior fabric liner. We have buildings in northern Alberta and southern Florida, so we can design structures to very particular climatic situations.

    Legacy is a natural fit for the sustainable energy industry because we began our journey by disrupting the world of fabric buildings. We are committed early to making the best possible tension fabric structure we knew how to do, and we continue to push the boundaries of tension fabric technology. Naturally, we have questions about the emerging technology of batteries and microgrids. If you have questions about us, we should open a dialogue.



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