Fabric Buildings Resist Rust

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    July 11, 2013 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures, Tension Fabric Structures

    Corrosion will inevitably damage metal - making metal buildings unsightly and unsafe, and in some cases even causing building failure.

    But it doesn't have to be that way. Structural fabric is non-corrosive. In corrosive environments, such as salt storage buildings or fertilizer facilities, there are options to protect the steel frame from the problems of corrosion.

    Hot Dip Galvanized Building Frames

    Hot dip galvanizing is a process of chemically bonding a zinc coating to steel. Although there are several methods of coating steel, hot dip galvanizing provides the most protection.

    During hot dip galvanizing, the steel is dipped in zinc for a uniform coating. Once the steel is dipped, no other elements come in contact with the steel - leaving the steel itself immune to the impact of corrosive materials.

    In some cases, e.g. a mining building that stores copper concentrate, galvanizing is not the right solution because the material "reacts" with the zinc in the coating. In these cases, an epoxy coating, or multiple epoxy coatings, is advisable.

    Solid steel beams are also more resistant to corrosion than open web trusses. The solid beams have no unseen interior spaces were corrosion can start.

    But for the highest level of corrosion, an interior fabric liner keeps all steel members completely separated from elements that may cause corrosion or damage. Lined buildings prevent all elements, even fine dust, from building up on steel frames. With no opportunity for corrosive materials to contact the steel, there is no way for corrosion to start.

    Fabric buildings with non-corrosive building design will resist corrosion and remain beautiful and sturdy for years to come. The money that you'll save in future maintenance is just one more reason to choose a fabric building.

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