Need a Stress-Free Building Process?

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    January 14, 2021 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures, Legacy Building Solutions

    There’s lots of research on good stress versus bad stress. We can probably all agree that bad stress is when you are awake at 3 a.m. wondering about the building you have purchased. Some questions that would cause bad stress would include:

    • Did I choose the right building?
    • Will the supplier design it right?
    • Will the price quoted be the actual price?
    • Will it be done in time?

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    You get the picture. The list of bad stress questions can go on for quite some time unless you can stop them. We can help to stop the nagging questions churning in your head. Our theme for 2021, in light of our combined experience in 2020, is “Keep Calm, Build On.” If you are considering a structure this year, here’s how Legacy can help you keep your Zen.

    Get What You Want (and learn what is possible)

    Legacy begins each building at square one. Every building is customized because we don’t think that a truly useful structure can be off-the-shelf. As part of the process our engineer and estimator will help you establish how much building you need and if there are any special elements of the building that need to be factored into the design. For example, many of our customers like to take advantage of the solid steel I-beam frame to add things like conveyors, cranes, mezzanines, etc. It’s fairly simple to add these things to the design because we use solid steel that can be engineered to support these elements.

    Our designers will take your needs and design your structure with whatever extras you have determined. Our drafting team uses the same software that is a standard in the metal building industry. Therefore, when you receive our engineering calculations, they will be universally understandable to any engineer. Utilizing the number one metal building design software provides our buildings with engineering certainty.

    Our contracting professionals will make sure the contract you sign covers everything discussed. They work through a lot of contracts every year, and they cover all the details. They work with state agencies and municipalities, as well as the military, so they are adept in all kinds of contracts.

    Delivering What We Promise

    Much, if not most, of what Legacy does is accomplished in-house. We engineer and design it. We fabricate the beams and supporting pieces from raw steel in our plant. We create the wall and roof panels in our fabric shop. We can even do corrosion prevention for our steel with a series of epoxy coatings applied in our new paint shop. We control most of the elements of creating your building. There is no passing the buck. There is no blaming some other supplier for failing to deliver.

    With that kind of control over our materials, we have a lot of confidence in our ability to deliver what we promise. We are almost never waiting for some other company to deliver materials, and that eliminates a lot of delays.

    Installed by Our Pros

    When the materials for your building show up on site, our crews go to work. We almost always use our crews to install our buildings for three reasons:

    • Our fabric cladding panels are installed using a proprietary technique that our crews are trained in
    • Our crews can complete an installation much faster, and more safely, than untrained subcontractors because they know our materials so well
    • Our crews have an awesome work ethic. We know that because customers often comment on how hard they work.

    The old saying about how if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself is the driving force behind our crews. We trust our trained crews to do it right, and that’s one less thing you need to lose sleep over.

    Communication, Clear and Often

    A wise man once said that in the absence of information, people will jump to the worst possible conclusions. That’s why our commitment to continual communication, through our project consultants, is so strong. If anything, our consultants may overcommunicate, because the alternative is fear and stress. That communication flows through all aspects of your project, so there are open channels between our installers and our fabricators, our fabricators and our designers, and even our installers and our engineers. If you’ve ever been on a construction project where the communication was poor, you know the kind of chaos that can create.

    Constructing an entire building—and some of our structures are quite large—involves a lot of moving pieces. At every point in the process, something can go wrong, and that can be a source of stress for the new building owner. We have worked through many, if not most, of those connecting points though experience. Making things flow smoothly is good for us, for our crews and for our customers. When it all comes together and most everything goes according to plan, then we can confidently declare: Keep Calm and Build On.


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