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    Providing Fabric Building Solutions for Challenges Facing Oil & Gas

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    December 7, 2022 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures, Legacy Building Solutions, Oil, Gas & Energy Building

    Rising global demand, volatile prices, and geopolitical events force the oil and gas industry to reduce costs. At the same time, optimizing performance and improving environmental efforts has never been more critical, which is challenging to do with a smaller budget. One way people are expanding their operations while reducing costs and construction timelines is with tension fabric structures.


    Fabric Buildings Help Cut Costs and Boost ROI


    Return on investment is an important consideration when starting a project. Optimizing production systems and environmental facilities on operating sites requires more attention in today’s volatile economy than before. Obviously, you want to make the best choice for your project, which usually means being cost-effective while maintaining efficiency. However, this only sometimes translates to cheaper, as certain things get sacrificed to save on the bottom line.


    Building a tension fabric structure with Legacy Building Solutions is a great way to reduce costs and boost your ROI. Fabric buildings offer the same functionality as traditional brick-and-mortar structures without sacrificing quality for price. Here are some of the ways fabric buildings achieve more with less:



    Fabric Buildings Help Optimize Performance 


    Oil and gas companies are looking to extend the life of current, mature sites while also obtaining new sources of fossil fuels for which extraction, transport, and refining are complex and costly. For numerous reasons, most companies aim to achieve 100% reliability of their plants. Legacy combines experience and engineering to ensure optimal performance in an energy facility.    


    Legacy’s computer-aided design and engineering software, coupled with our rigid frames, create features not typically associated with fabric buildings. This is a contributing factor in our buildings achieving 100% reliability. We also can integrate building equipment into our design, such as overhead cranes, conveyors, and catwalks, allowing our building to do the heavy lifting. Rather than using stock building templates and settling for "the next closest thing," Legacy customizes buildings to fit your space with an emphasis on including everything you need to expand your operation and optimize performance.  


    Fabric Buildings Help Improve Environmental Footprints  


    The EPA has a strong oversight over the oil and gas industry. These standards continue to push the industry to rethink extraction, production, and distribution methods to maintain compliance with the law. Legacy’s tension fabric buildings can be designed to be airtight, creating a negative pressure environment and can also accommodate the proper air handling equipment to meet regulations. This environment coupled with a liner contains hazardous waste, keeping people and the environment safe.

    Fabric has non-conductive properties, helping a building feel cool on hot days and vice versa. Passive ventilation reduces the need for temperature control units, and Legacy’s ExxoTec™ PVC fabric is considered a low-emitting building material. Fabric buildings are also extremely popular because they are air-tight and non-permeable, leaving you confident that what happens within a building stay controlled.


    Using a Tension Fabric Building for Oil & Gas 


    Oil, gas, and energy are constantly growing markets with a need for quick-installation buildings that have the longevity of a traditional building. While you may think “salt and sand storage” when you hear fabric buildings, let us assure you that fabric works just as well for you as it does for other industries.


    Powerplant equipment is large and constantly evolving. At Legacy, we offer scalability so that when your business grows, your building can too. Building costs are spendy, and most structures are not designed for additions or expansions. Our tension fabric buildings are engineered for permanence and long-lasting use. Legacy’s rapid turnaround time from concept to installation will ensure that production requirements are met with little downtime.

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    With an industry constantly changing, it is essential to have a facility that will work with those changes rather than against them. Our customizability sets Legacy apart and allows us to design a building that performs exactly how you want it. Fabric has many perks that make it an excellent fit for any oil, gas, or energy building. We have over a decade of innovation and a tried-and-true process that assures a great experience with us.

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