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    Looking for Custom Building Options - Request a Quote from Legacy
    September 10, 2020 | Tension Fabric Structures, Construction Management, Legacy Building Solutions

    If you’re ready to talk to someone about our tension fabric structures, we try to make it easy with the “Request a Quote” button on the website. However, if you are nervous about clicking on that, don’t worry. The quote process is easy, clear and non-intrusive. A few answers can tell us a great deal about your project, your needs and what kind of structure we could build together.

    Up front, it’s important to be clear about one thing: we design, manufacture and install custom buildings. We don’t have any cookie cutter structures or a warehouse full of off-the-shelf choices. To us, a building is a serious commitment. You can’t get what you really want—something you will be happy with for many years—if you are forced to make compromising choices about size, strength, longevity and amenities. We build according to your specifications.

    Here are the topics we will investigate with you during a quote.

    General familiarity with fabric buildings

    If you are not familiar with the world of fabric structures, we can give you a quick run through. There’s quite a range out there, from air supported inflatables all the way up to our tension fabric structures. What’s different about Legacy’s buildings, in a nutshell, is our steel, our fabric and our installation. We have worked long and hard to discover the optimal mix of solid steel tapered I-beams, our own ExxoTec™ fabric and the best way to install the structure. That mix gives you a beautiful, crisp building that will last for decades with almost no maintenance.

    Do you know what the building will be used for?

    Legacy’s buildings serve a lot of industries and purposes, from fertilizer storage to football field houses, from airplane hangars to salt storage facilities, from military bases to equestrian riding arenas. Our product consultants each serve their industry and have become experts in the kinds of buildings that work best for your needs. They will work with you and our designers to engineer your structure.

    Knowing the function of the building can help the team suggest things like size, door openings, height of the ceiling, all the way down to the type of frame finish.

    Where will the structure be located?

    Location can tell us a lot. Because we use a solid steel frame, we can meet or exceed most local building codes. We also build all over world, so we’ve learned how to adjust the elements of our buildings to precisely meet code.

    Local climate can help us determine whether you need an insulated building, a building that will need to withstand high winds, a roof that will need to support large snow loads and a structure that will meet the seismic code for the area. Our years of experience give us the confidence to engineer a structure that will meet these challenges and more.

    Is your site level and ready for construction?

    This helps us schedule. Legacy does all of the design, manufacturing and installation of our tension fabric structures. We can be ready with a building faster than you might imagine. There’s nothing in the way (subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) to delay a project because we control almost every aspect of it. Even our installation teams—who travel the nation and the world—are our employees. We use proprietary construction techniques that require skills at the highest level. Our crews are trained, skilled and safety conscious. They make us look good every day.

    Once the final drawings are signed by the client, our steel plant is activated, our fabric team is mobilized, our paint shop is prepped and we start moving. That’s why the readiness of the site is so important.

    We and our product consultants aim to make the quote process as painless as possible. If you are looking for a new fabric building, we can help you every step of the way. Request a quote today so we can begin a conversation about your needs and how a fabric building can meet them.

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