Speeding Up Municipal Building With Tension Fabric

    June 19, 2024 | Tension Fabric Structures, State & Municipal Buildings

    You’ve heard that old saying: “You can have it cheap and fast, or good and slow.” At Legacy Building Solutions, we give municipalities and other public entities a far better choice–faster and better. Our tension fabric free-span buildings deliver maximum quality and performance on a shorter (sometimes much shorter) timeline than pre-engineered metal buildings or other types of construction.


    However, it’s what happens before the final installation that determines how efficiently your project moves forward as well as your building’s ultimate usefulness and long-term investment value. 

    A speedy Process Puts Your Money to Work Sooner

    The longer it takes to plan and construct a building, the higher the cost and the longer the wait to gain the functional benefits intended. 

    Whether you’re looking to house a water treatment plant, a salt storage facility, a fleet of vehicles, or some other type of operation, a Legacy long-span building can accomplish all of your goals, faster.

    Durability and Performance For The Long Haul

    Speedy time-to-field can add value, but once in place, your building should provide a long life of reliable, hassle-free service.

    Legacy’s rigid steel I-beam construction allows for clear spans exceeding 300 feet. With that framework and our proprietary tension fabric cladding and attachment system, you can expect your building to deliver exceptional strength, durability, corrosion protection, thermal, and light properties well beyond what you can accomplish with a metal building. Our lead times are often shorter than pre-engineered metal buildings, which can be a direct benefit that comes with our tension fabric buildings. 

    Our Unique Process Keeps Things Moving Efficiently

    Legacy Building Solutions is not a dealer selling a product, nor do we try to fit customers into standardized buildings. Instead, we offer a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive design/build/install process that enables each customer to create a building custom-tailored to their needs. Everything about our process is designed to move forward smoothly and efficiently so that by the time we show up to install your building, that final step can proceed quickly and seamlessly. 

    That doesn’t happen by accident.

    Proactive collaboration

    We assign a team dedicated to your entire project, from design through construction–streamlining communication, and reducing confusion and logistical delays. Everyone is on the same page, right from the start. We also recognize that our work is reliant on the work of others, so we prioritize being a good partner by collaborating on construction plans and maintaining communication from start to finish. 

    Legacy professionals can assist with pre-design. After reviewing the envisioned building with design firm engineers or public agency personnel, we can offer guidelines and specific recommendations based on our extensive experience with both private and public project performances. Drawing from successful past projects helps make yours even better.

    What is the purpose of the building? What equipment will it incorporate or house? What kind of clearances are needed? Understanding the full picture–what the site can allow, the most economical dimensions in terms of length, width, height, and concrete wall height–helps us design a building that truly works for you.

    For example, salt storage facilities need conveniently accessible points of entry for delivering the salt, unloading, and stacking. You want a layout that gives you flexibility.

    For wastewater treatment, we have found that engineers can often provide additional information about the plant’s equipment and processes as well as needed clearances. Knowing that we may suggest an alternative layout–rather than creating a 100 ft by 140 ft building, another configuration might accomplish the desired functional goals but fit the site more economically.

    This initial work results in accurate, bid-ready construction plans, reducing the risk of misinterpretations, change orders, and other bumps along the way that can delay the project. 

    Quality assurance

    Legacy is proud to be ISO-certified. Our team’s dedication to quality assurance, including internal auditing, document tracking, and other resources, ensures that every detail adheres to the ISO process and quality requirements. Nothing gets lost in translation, everything is delivered as expected.

    Planning ahead

    Even before a design firm is ever hired, public works staff often contact us to get a general idea about cost. We can help you know what to expect and what is needed to get a project underway. We can also provide a high-end figure for capital improvement budgeting, based on our previous experience. Because we understand that public entities have to follow a certain bidding process that can be cumbersome, we work to remain flexible to meet your department's needs and provide guidance that assures you receive the performance and value you seek.

    All of the steps in our process ensure accuracy as well as speed to completion. And all of these details matter because they make your building look good. Better fit and finish ensure better performance from the components and less stress on assemblies. When things look good, that indicates they are installed right and will perform well. That’s in our best interests as well as yours because, after all, it’s our building, too.

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