5 Ways to Improve Mining Operations Efficiency with Fabric Buildings

    September 17, 2018 | Mining Buildings

    Time is money, and that’s especially true in the fast-moving mining industry. Speed and efficiency are the critical differences between turning a profit and simply turning your wheels.

    Having the right infrastructure in place quickly will allow your team to focus on profit-producing activities immediately. Mining storage facilities, equipment shelters and vehicle maintenance buildings provide a safe, controlled environment for all phases of your operation.

    Fabric buildings on a rigid steel frame contribute to mining operations efficiency. The best buildings make your jobsite more productive and profitable. Fabric buildings have several advantages for mining:

    • Faster installation
    • Natural light
    • Portability
    • Safety
    • Custom design

    Get Started Sooner with a Fabric Building

    When it comes to cost saving ideas for mining companies, reducing wasted time is number one. Fabric cladding is installed quickly – in about one-third the time of steel sheeting.

    In addition to faster construction, every Legacy fabric building comes with a factory-trained installation team that travels to any location for safe, efficient construction – meaning your building will be ready for occupancy weeks sooner.

    Learn more about Legacy's installation process. 

    As a vertically integrated company, we employ teams that handle every aspect of building design, manufacturing, shipping and installation. The entire process enhances speed and quality – giving you the best structure available in a short timeline.

    Natural Light

    Sunlight increases productivity in mining and energy production. By using ExxoTec™ PVC fabric, you allow up to 16% of the natural daylight into your building through the walls and ceiling.

    The translucency of the fabric provides enough light to work safely during the day. Even structures with artificial lighting benefit from having fewer expensive fixtures installed and maintained – keeping your staff focused on their daily tasks, not changing bulbs.

    Natural light is especially important for sites located in remote, off-the-grid locations. Allow your workers to maintain vehicles, load and unload product in mining storage buildings without the hassle of running generators.

    See a case study of an off-the-grid mining building.

    Permanent and Semi-Permanent Fabric Buildings

    Fabric buildings are designed as permanent or semi-permanent fixtures. When operations relocate, the entire building may be taken down and re-assembled in the new location.

    Fabric cladding is installed without the thousands of tiny fasteners that make moving steel buildings prohibitive. There is no need to re-align metal sheets, no worry about lost fasteners and no tiny holes that may form leaks and drips.

    During remediation, the building can even be repurposed. Mining accommodation providers can repurpose these airy structures for other types of storage and operations uses.

    Jobsite Safety in a Fabric Building

    Each Legacy building is engineered to meet strict safety protocol. The structures meet local codes, including the heavy snow loads common in northern areas, intense UV rays, and the high windspeeds of mountainous regions.

    Legacy’s exclusive ExxoTec™ PVC fabric has been independently proven to outlast many competitive fabrics in initial strength and strength after weathering tests. Combined with a solid steel frame, the buildings are designed for both environmental pressures and daily industrial use.

    In the rate instance when a fabric panel is damaged, it may be quickly repaired by the building owner or Legacy crews. Learn more about fabric building repairs.

    The patented fabric attachment system (U.S. patent No. 9,038,349) was created to increase safety during the installation process. Most work is done from the ground or from eave height. And each member of the crew is certified in both OSHA and MSHA protocol.

    Custom Fabric Buildings for Increased Productivity

    Every mining site has unique needs. With the design flexibility of proven engineering and a rigid steel frame, Legacy buildings accommodate wide clear spans, tall sidewalls, large doors and heavy equipment.

    Other design features create a more efficient, safe and functional building. Overhangs and icebreakers protect the area around the building from precipitation and falling debris. Active or passive ventilation systems provide a steady stream of fresh air. Lean-tos create space for loading trucks under cover, and keeping circulation paths separated from pedestrian areas.

    This building features over 40,000 feet of storage space and operations areas. 

    Alternative cladding options, including concrete or steel along the walls, provide additional security in case of accidental impact.

    With fabric buildings by Legacy Building Solutions providing the strength, speed and agility needed for mining and energy production, there’s no need to compromise.

    If you are interested in learning more, we’d be happy to set up a consultation. Contact us online or call us at 877-259-1528.