Comparing Types of Bulk Storage Buildings

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    September 6, 2023 | Bulk Storage

    Long-range planning is good, but if you’re planning to build a new bulk storage facility, you probably need it sooner than someday. You might even be under pressure to get that building up and running as soon as possible. Yesterday, as they say. 

    Bulk Storage Facility Needs Can Determine Timing

    That depends on what you’re storing, the quantity, the physical location, the weather, and other environmental factors. You also need enough room to house the material, allow heavy machinery to navigate the space, and support other day-to-day operations. Building elements such as cranes, conveyors, catwalks and HVAC systems must also be taken into consideration.

    Here’s a look at some building options for bulk storage.

    Prefabricated Metal Buildings

    They often come in pre-determined sizes which may limit your storage options, features, and operational needs.  

    Lets consider how steel cladding is attached to the structure. The way cladding is attached to a structure can make a big difference in terms of building efficiency down the road. The exterior steel panels are typically attached with Tek screws in a metal building. Thousands of these screws hold the panels to the frames, but over time, with building movement, those holes in the metal panels can leak water and a lot of air, especially if improperly installed. Your heating and cooling costs can be affected, and the holes can also be a place for corrosion to take hold, in addition to all the potential leaks. 

    Tension Fabric Building

    With simpler cladding attachment systems, a tension fabric building takes about a third of the time to construct compared to a similar wood or metal building. Customization will generally be easier than the kit approach favored in pre-fabricated metal construction as well.

    Unlike off-the-shelf, prefabricated buildings, a tension fabric building from Legacy can be precisely the length, width, and height you want. It can have any configuration of access points or windows. The rigid steel I-beam allows for a clear span of up to 300 feet and can accommodate hanging equipment, from conveyors to cranes. Every square foot is usable space. Tension fabric buildings also let in natural light, which can cut down on operating costs. 

    Whatever the details, if you don’t get everything you need, your bulk storage facility won’t be up to the job. Making do is not only frustrating; it’s a waste of money, and it assures poor ROI. But all too often, that’s what you get when you rush to complete a project.

    Your bulk storage building is too important to risk that. With Legacy Building Solutions you won’t have to cut corners because our business model is to custom-design your building to match your exact needs. 

    An ExxoTec™ building exceeds your expectations, quickly 

    Modern tension fabric buildings are quite strong. When you go with Legacy Building Solutions you can also opt for an even more durable cladding option by selecting our proprietary ExxoTectm fabric

    Our one-stop approach to construction allows us to design, manufacture, and install your bulk storage structures faster because everything (except final installation, of course) takes place in-house:

    1. Design and engineering
    2. Manufacturing of rigid I-beam frame
    3. Coating all metal parts with either hot-dip galvanizing or Legacy’s proprietary EpoxxiShield™
    4. Manufacturing of the PE or proprietary ExxoTec™ fabric cladding to your specs
    5. Shipping everything to your location
    6. Construction is handled by Legacy’s experienced professional at your location

    Single-source convenience streamlines everything. Our process is not only faster but smoother. No confusion, no delays waiting on some dealer or vendor, no wondering who you’re supposed to talk to about the next step or if you have questions. Instead, you get progress updates that help keep your end of the planning/execution process moving smoothly as well. We partner with you to build just what you need, and your dedicated account manager is at your side every step of the way. 

    Don’t wait any longer to contact us. We’re here to answer all your questions or provide a quote (quickly, of course). 


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