Architectural Advantages of Modern Free-Span Tension Fabric Buildings

    Architectural Advantages of Modern Free-Span Tension Fabric Buildings
    August 9, 2023 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures

    Architectural Advantages of Modern Free-Span Tension Fabric Buildings

    Why would you need a free-span building? The more you contemplate this question, the more answers you can think of. The truth is, very large buildings with clear, open interiors are a necessity in industries as diverse as aviation, agriculture, bulk storage, water treatment, and sports and recreation (think equestrian arenas to fieldhouses). And this is just a partial list—your industry may vary.

    Legacy free-span tension fabric buildings offer distinct architectural advantages compared to other structures, and bring long-term benefits. 

    The Most Fundamental Architectural Advantage Is 100% Custom Design

    Architects and engineers become adept at workarounds, but with Legacy Building Solutions, you don’t have to. Every one of our tension fabric buildings is custom-designed. Without limitations dictated by preset dimensions or the need for columns, you are free to create your ideal building.

    Our in-house design and engineering professionals partner with you from the start to ensure you get every detail you need plus every feature you want. We’ve been steadily perfecting tension fabric buildings for more than a decade. We have the experience, proven success, and insight to help transform your vision into an architect’s dream come true. Take a look at some of our favorite projects.

    High-strength, rigid steel I-beams enable us to create structures with a clear span of more than 300 feet. You can achieve the length, width, and ceiling height necessary to comfortably accommodate any indoor configuration or activity, whether pedestrian, aircraft or something else. No one wants wasted space, but in certain industries, the amount of available square footage can dramatically affect the building’s functionality.

    The result is total versatility. Our buildings are spacious and strong enough for whatever you require:

    • Solar panels 
    • Hanging loads such as cranes or conveyors
    • Walkways or mezzanines
    • Windows and doors in any size
    • Passive and/or active ventilation
    • Insulation
    • Interior columns (yes, if you require them)
    • Segregated interior spaces for offices, bathrooms, storage, horse stalls, etc.
    • Exterior canopies
    • Loading docks

    Clearing the way for a free-span building is just the beginning—every other detail about your structure will dictate its functionality and longevity. Thanks to innovative technologies, Legacy tension fabric buildings have you covered from the inside out. In fact, our fabric membrane lets in a significant amount of natural light, creating a more pleasant indoor environment that requires less artificial lighting.

    Durability That Won’t Quit

    There’s nothing weak about Legacy’s tension fabric buildings, even if your structure will have to withstand difficult environmental conditions. Our buildings are designed to and built per location to meet any necessary local requirements. Additionally, they meet the Florida Product Approval standards, designed to certify hurricane-worthiness. We simply will not compromise on quality.

    The standard hot-dip galvanized beams in Legacy buildings hold up well but owners can also opt for our proprietary EpoxxiShield™ epoxy coating for greater protection, reduced maintenance costs, and increased life span. Those savings benefit every owner, but reliable corrosion protection is especially critical in marine air environments or for any operation that involves corrosive materials.

    The Ultimate Architectural Advantage: Superior ROI

    Any new building is a significant investment. Knowing you can look forward to an accelerated and higher return is something any business owner, corporate CFO, or government purchasing manager can easily appreciate.

    Why settle for a standardized, conventionally constructed building when you can do better? The architectural advantages offered by Legacy’s clear-span buildings are as many and varied as your unique facility requirements. Let’s work together to design our (and your) next success story.


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