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    June 5, 2024 | Aviation

    Technically, a hangar is a building designed to store aircrafts. In the world of aviation, though, auxiliary and ground support services also require buildings that are hangars outfitted to serve different purposes. Especially in commercial aviation, free-span buildings are essential due to the significance of size considerations.

    It takes a clear span building that reaches hundreds of feet in width and length to cover large aircraft and cargo volumes. Free-span buildings also have to provide wide-open interior space, clear of framing that would limit usable space and obstruct movement.

    For both private owners and public works projects, speed is equally essential. The sooner your new facility can be built, the sooner you can put it into service to accommodate growing demand and relieve pressure on over-burdened or inadequate existing infrastructure.

    Legacy customized aviation facilities ensure each building is sized and designed to meet your specs and perform efficiently. They go up quickly, too.

    Free-Span Buildings to Meet Growing Needs

    The transportation industry is booming, and that includes all aspects of aviation, worldwide–passenger airlines, MROs, cargo facilities, and warehouses. There is no longer enough space to keep up with the growing demand.

    According to the International Air Transportation Association, 200 million more passengers will travel in 2024 than before the pandemic. Increased air travel means more and bigger planes in service that require inspections and maintenance and other ground support such as baggage handling and food services. Airlines, airports, and independent MROs are scrambling to expand or add new facilities.

    Business jet manufacturers are also now establishing their own MRO facilities, and those with existing hangars are expanding to accommodate the new larger aircraft.

    Global trade is also rising thanks to increasing e-commerce and the fact that customers are demanding faster service. In response, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, and other cargo carriers are increasingly diversifying their fleets and building new facilities to meet the urgent need for expanded warehouse and handling facilities.

    Airports are also looking for cost-effective solutions to house ground service equipment (GSE) and other operations-related heavy equipment and administrative offices.

    Legacy free-span buildings are the ideal solution for all these needs. 

    Custom Design Is Critical

    You can’t simply replicate a structure designed for one area and install it in other locales around the country (or the world) because site specifics differ from one place to another. Weather can significantly influence design requirements–what if your building will be in a hurricane zone or high seismic zone, for example.

    Local building and land use regulations and/or landowner requirements affect design. For example, proximity to runways or taxiways can dictate eave height and require rounded or sloping rooflines.

    So, even if your usage needs are expected to be the same, each building must be custom-designed to reflect its circumstances. That’s no problem with Legacy Building Solutions because every free-span building is always 100% custom.

    Let’s break that down.

    When we say custom design, we mean unlimited options. You have complete flexibility to create your building, including the chance to design in extra space or other features that will provide ongoing flexibility if your needs change.

    • Clear-span engineering that can exceed 300 feet on any side ensures plenty of open space to accommodate any type and size of commercial aircraft, material handling, or storage capacity.
    • We can include any number and style of access points, including massive doors up to 90 feet high.
    • Rigid steel I-beam construction is strong and adaptable enough to handle rooftop or hanging loads such as cranes–and Legacy buildings can be built to any height needed for that.
    •  Naturally, our free-span buildings are FAA and NFPA 409 compliant.

    And that’s just the beginning. When you add Legacy’s proprietary tension fabric and our comprehensive one-stop design-build-install process, it’s easy to understand why our aviation facilities are considered top-flight throughout the industry.

    Check out these two examples:

    The Right Building, Faster

    We like to say that “solutions” is in our name for a reason. Our entire process at Legacy is designed to deliver well-crafted buildings that meet your structural and functional specifications, whatever type of aviation facilities you seek, civilian or military. And every building promises expedited construction so you can be up and running sooner.

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