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Military: Legacy, a strong leader in fabric buildings

The need to plan ahead is continuous, even in the midst of a crisis. In fact, a crisis quickly reveals how well we have planned. If you are in a planning period right now, and thinking about your infrastructure, consider Legacy Building Solutions for your next building.

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5 Types of Military Buildings That Benefit from Fabric

Fabric buildings have a long relationship with the military – often used as rapid deployment temporary structures.

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Our Installers travel worldwide to help military clients

Fabric buildings are the ideal solution for military applications including ammunition storage facilities, POL and wash-down shelters, national guard logistics buildings and aircraft hangars. The buildings are engineered to withstand heavy use and extreme weather conditions worldwide.

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Advantages of Legacy Fabric Structures for Military Use

Legacy Building Solutions provides soft wall shelters for military, expeditionary and MILCON applications worldwide. Our team has provided temporary and permanent fabric shelters for military aircraft hangars, open-ended cold storage buildings and aerospace storage.

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Why We Don’t Do Rapid Deploy Fabric Structures

by Alex Rothstein

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