Advantages of a Rigid Frame Building

    Interior shot of fabric building featuring hanging loads
    February 28, 2024 | Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures, Building Design

    You need a new building. But for what purpose? Whether your vision is a bulk storage facility, a sports center, aviation support, a wastewater treatment plant, or something entirely different, a rigid frame building offers distinct advantages for your project. You can design a building that is rigid in structure for strength and durability, but anything but rigid when it comes to versatility and feature-rich functionality.

    Structural Strength

    Buildings must be strong enough to defy the elements. In some locations, that means standing up to extremely high winds and heavy snow loads. Engineering based on rigid steel framing can meet exceptional design requirements as well as local building codes or other pertinent regulations.

    In many applications, buildings must also be able to reliably support heavy loads–equipment such as conveyors, cranes, rooftop HVAC, or other installations. Rigid steel framing allows you to place this equipment wherever you need it along a beam, so there are no restrictions on customization. 


    You need a building that functions efficiently and stands up to the elements, but building longevity can be even more important for your bottom line. Rigid steel framing is sturdy for the long haul, extending your return on investment.

    Metal invites rust. Condensation and moisture that leaks through screw holes can lead to corrosion on building components and inside hollow web trusses. Corrosion risk is exacerbated if you’re storing caustic materials such as salt or fertilizer or if you’re located in a coastal area with salty marine air. Protecting components with hot dip galvanizing can slow the process, but you will inevitably face the expense and headaches associated with extensive repair within a few short years.

    At Legacy Building Solutions, we use solid steel I-beams, so there is no risk of insidious interior corrosion. When you combine that with our unique approach to corrosion defense–our series of EpoxxiShieldTM epoxy coatings–your building can be protected significantly longer. Any problems that may occur can be spot-repaired onsite with minimal fuss.

    Framing Provides the Structure, Cladding Clinches the Deal

    Rigid steel I-beam construction provides the underpinnings, but you still need roofing and cladding. Traditional metal can suffice, but metal walls and roofs are typically noisy, dark, dirty, and as noted earlier, highly prone to corrosion. When you choose a tension fabric membrane, your building comes to life and brings even more advantages to your project.

    ExxoTecTM tension fabric offers myriad practical and aesthetic advantages, allowing you to fully customize your building design, inside and out. Watch this video to learn more about this impressive technology

    The ability to take advantage of natural light saves energy and improves the working environment. White ExxoTecTM fabric is 12% translucent in uninsulated buildings, allowing sunlight to suffuse the interior, in many cases eliminating the need for artificial light during the day.

    Flexible Design

    All rigid steel structures are not the same. For example, pre-engineered metal buildings offer some advantages over traditional construction methods, but they are limited by standardized choices, especially when it comes to size.

    Rigid steel I-beam construction opens the door to unique footprints or taller ceiling height verses other building options. Clear spans of up to 300 feet make rigid frame buildings the obvious choice for any application that requires expansive indoor space without physical impediments. 

    Quicker Construction 

    Budget conscious? You want a building that delivers long-term cost efficiencies, not just the lowest up-front cost. Whatever your budget, the faster you can get your building from the drawing table to open and operating, the easier it is to control costs and start generating ROI.

    Legacy’s one-of-a-kind,streamlined process ensures you get the building design you envision, manufactured to the highest quality standards so it will deliver an extended return on your investment. Our in-house professional crews handle installation, too. From start to finish, our process can take considerably less time than a traditional building project.

    Still not sure tension fabric is up to the task for your application? For over a decade, Legacy rigid frame buildings with tension fabric cladding have dispelled myths and misconceptions, proving themselves in virtually every industry, in a multitude of applications, all around the world.


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